Websites That Attract and Engage Visitors, Prospects and Customers

At Oracle Marketing we know your website is the first impression that customers and prospects have of your business. We have been developing websites for over 20 years for clients in a wide range of commercial and industrial markets.

Our approach includes a web development process with several project management stages, including design, keyword research and optimization, optimized copywriting, photo research, quality control and testing to ensure your website is produced to the highest design standards. OMG ensures your website will be a destination for prospects and customers.

At Oracle Marketing, we follow best practices that are essential for creating a great website including:

  • Creative and persuasive website design: that attracts and keeps the attention of your visitors.
  • Responsive design: enable sites to render properly and look engaging across multiple mobile devices
  • User Experience design: UX design that aligns design with functionality, so that users of your website can find, execute and engage in an efficient, enjoyable and meaningful way
  • SEO optimized website design: that appeals to both users and search engines
  • Content management system: so that content changes such as copy, pictures and videos can be made quickly and easily, allowing your web presence to adapt to the marketplace or conveniently maintain a company blog
  • Testing and optimization: including calls-to-action, headlines, descriptions, images, layout and style and form field designs

Our team understands the connections between beautiful design, user experience, SEO, mobile compatibility, security and performance.

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Website designs that attract and engage your visitors, prospects and new customers