OMG is open for business while also committed to helping in every way we can with the Coronavirus pandemic by protecting our customers, employees and partners. We are taking measures to follow or exceed guidelines laid out by our state and federal governments, the CDC and the WHO.

We have always prided ourselves as an innovator. Now we will apply that drive to innovate to do business and serve our customers in these unprecedented times. With widespread cancellations and closures it’s not business as usual, but we are here to ensure your business remains relevant.

These are unprecedented times and with all the uncertainty it might be tempting for organizations to freeze their marketing efforts because of concerns about a possible recession, but that could have an even more crippling impact on their future opportunities.

Instead, now we are seeing marketer’s increasing or shifting to a more aggressive digital strategy, honing and refining their marketing messages and ensuring they remain top of mind with their customers and prospects.  The economy will rebound and those that are making the shift will surely benefit from the digital move.

Digital marketing offers two major advantages. The first is that it does not require face-to-face interaction. This is especially important in our current environment.

The second advantage is that digital marketing is measurable. Marketers can obtain a good idea of their return on investment (ROI) and from which activities generated the highest number of quality leads and at what expense.

Now is the perfect time to take the proactive steps needed for optimizing your company’s online visibility and promotion strategy. Focusing on your digital marketing now will give you a competitive edge over competitors who are slow to react. Now’s the time to review and evaluate your…

Website content – Ensure your website contains the right marketing messages with the right calls for action.

Website architecture – Improve your website user experience to increase online conversions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Audit your current website organic search rankings and optimize them for search engines to improve the quality and quantity of your web traffic.

Content marketing – Generate new ideas for white papers, e-books, videos and blog posts.

Email marketing – Develop engaging email marketing campaigns with optimized landing pages.

Social media – Strategize how you can improve social media engagement and write new case studies, white papers and professional articles.

Paid advertising – Explore new advertising opportunities.

Webinars – Increase the number of webinars you hold.

Working with a digital marketing agency with expertise in these areas can help you offer your customers a compelling experience, keep you top-of-mind and give you an edge over your competitors during this crisis.

At Oracle Marketing we are here to help you stay on a positive growth trajectory.

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